George Privatti’s story (Martorell, Spain 1983) is those where passion and effort meet to create something special. Starting his career in Barcelona’s raving scene, George has been creating his own musical identity since he was a young 17-year-old raver, following the reference of Spanish national stalwarts as Cristian Varela, Angel Molina, Óscar Mulero, or international figures as Jeff Mills, evolving till becoming the artist he is today.

As clubber and dance music aficionado, thanks to the agenda of venues as Florida135 or elrow and the 90’ rave scene, Privatti formed his musical character. He became more and more involved in the electronic music scene as DJ, until he drew the attention of some clubs from Barcelona. After a transitional period and being an already recognized name in the scene, when he was 25 years old – and while studying Business Administration at university –, his interest and curiosity for musical production led him to start making his own music. For him, music was his cover letter and what would take him to the next level.

With an uncompromised, groovy, cheerful, animated and very danceable sound, George Privatti dominates every aspect of the electronic music spectrum, with a special taste for tech-house and techno, although not tagging himself or his music to any genre.

Nowadays, George is one of elrow’s residents, the brand being one of the fastest growing successes in the electronic music industry worldwide. First as client, and then climbing little by little in the organization, the relation between Privatti and elrow has strengthened and now is more solid than ever, growing together these past years.

In 2012 George Privatti founded La Pera Records, along his longtime friend Guille Placencia, being their most revered discographic venture to date. At the beginning of 2018 they reached Beatport’s tech-house Chart #1 with their ‘What A Bam’, a true landmark for they and their label. La Pera was initially stablished as a platform to put out their own music, without compromises, and it has grown till becoming a respected label with its own identity, where other artists seek to put out their music. This 2018 is expected to be its best year so far.

Beside La Pera, George Privatti has released music in some of the most important labels in the scene, as elrow Music, 100% Pure, Formatik, 1605, Toolroom, Deeperfect or FORM. Having set foot in over 20 countries (Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina, France, United Kingdom, Belgium or The Netherlands), played in the most important festivals (Manchester’s Parklife, London’s Lovebox, Amsterdam’s 18h Festival or Tomorrowland itself), few are the venues that could resist George’s musical selection. This 2018 is set to be one of the best years for Privatti and his projects so far. Stay tuned…