The seeds of Asphalt Pirates go back to 1991 when first experiencing the underground movement and free party scene. Influenced by the parties of Spiral Tribe being held in France in 1992 he began to play with synthesizers and travel through Europe, helping to organize the first free tekno parties in Southern Germany. Then in 2005, pushed by police repression, he moved to France, continuing to travel and bring his analog live sets – recognizable by the typical kick of the Roland TR 909 and various analog synthesizers – to the people. A blend of mental, hypnotic sounds which, whatever the bpm, pushs you into a spiral, all the time improvised and changing to create a musical journey.

Asphalt Pirates have produced tracks for label such as 11H23, Statik Travel, Spin Dynamics, Harkoflex, Rsf and 2011 saw the creation of the label Freebooter Records in collaboration with the artist Meln for graphics. The first two records on this label where created with Les Boucles Etranges and 25ème Dimension. The third is in progress.

Although he plays in clubs and raves, he continues to support the underground scene: squats, free parties, alternative festivals … anything that represents the Asphalt Pirates state of mind.
Always on the road to new ports of adventure with his kit of live machines – give him a large table and a big system and he will excite you with music from the heart.